Always Keep The Faith (tumnamen) wrote,
Always Keep The Faith

ACEN GUEST LIST will be left public

Okay here are all the ACEN GUESTS. If you want something autographed lemme know who, and what, and i will do my utmost best to get that for you.

Hiroshi Kôjina
Toyoo Ashida
Yuko Minaguchi
Shinichi Watanabe
Masao Maruyama
Sunao Katabuchi
Yasuhiro Nightow
Noriyuki Zinguji
Greg Ayres
Spike Spencer
Travis Willingham
Philip Moy
Jeffrey Moy
Michael Terracciano
David Fleming
Brittney Karbowski
Greg Weisman
Musical Guests-PLID
Chris Patton
Xero Reynolds
Musical Guests-High & Mighty Color
Musical Guests-Spiral Spiders
Rikki Simons
Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Christopher Ayres
Ananth Panagariya
Mohammad "Hawk" Haque
Doug Smith
Patrick Drazen
Mike McFarland
Kari Wahlgren
Jamie McGonnigal
Kirk Thornton
Travis Willingham
Brett Weaver
Jan Scott Frazier
Kyle Hebert
Robert DeJesus
Emily DeJesus
Special Musical Guests-"Voices For"
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I laugh hard because they listed Travis twice. like he's special or something.
Is this for people who arent going to ACEN? Cause... you know... id spaz somethin' REAL HARD for some of those peoples autographs *_*
-cling- Liiiiiiiiiiiirinnnnnnnnnn X3

Okay, if any at all, I would reaaaaaally really really like Chris Patton's autograph *_* he's one of my alltimefavs.

And if you find the oppertunity... idk... these people would be cool...

Travis Willingham
Greg Ayres
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Mike McFarland

And id rather it be made out to Pinkie then my real name.

Thank you sooooo much and if none are possible thats so totally okay ;=; I wish I could go to Acennnnnnnnnnn.
sure is there anything in particular you want signed or just a program book? Because if you want to send anything lemme know
Naw, I dont really have anything specific. A program or a freebie thing, hell, a peice of lined paper would work xD
I have something I'd like Travis to sign (the Ed coat, cos I think he's the only one on that list that I don't have already), but I also have a question for ya... ^^; is there any way I'd be able to maybe have the coat back before AKon (June 1-3) cos there's a guest there that needs to sign it as well.
yeah, acen is over the 13th and i figure if i get it in the mail right afterwards it should get there with in a week.
K-K-KIRK THORTON!!!!!! OMG FOR REAL!? I had no idea he did cons O_O

Um... I just may have to have yoyu have him sign something for me... If I can narrow it down to ONE thing to have him sign >
idk who he is, but people are so nice to me and get things signed for me when i can't be there, so i would love to return the favor in a kinda "Pay it Forward thing" if you want i can try and get two things signed by him, just lemme know if you want me to.
I don't go to many cons, but I'd love to return the favor someday. I'm hoping to do AnimeFest or Anime Vegas later this year~

Hmm, I'd like him to sign my Kenshin boxset, but then I worry about it getting to you. I suppose I can pack it super-duper safe O_O; Then there's my Digimon Dvd... just not sure if I should send both or not -o-
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